What We Do

Glodow Nead Communications bridges the gap. Maybe you run a high-end hotel or resort, develop or own luxury homes or premium office space. Perhaps you want to spotlight your world-class restaurant, cult winery, or architectural design. No matter what the priority for your lifestyle brand, GNC makes the connection between your messaging and the kind of media attention that drives the bottom line. All while giving you highly personal, agile, and resourceful service. Take a look at the links we make from client message points to media attention on our local, regional, national, and international projects.

Brand Development

Of the many ways Glodow Nead stands out as a PR agency, its ability to create a campaign that helps brand your lifestyle property is at the very top. Communicating who you are and the experience you create with your product or service is essential. Glodow Nead does it best, going well beyond getting your name mentioned in a news story for a quick result. You can count on Glodow Nead to craft every campaign component – from concise messaging to creative tactics to strategic placements — to entice consumers to connect with what you are offering in the marketplace. The best PR means that concrete messaging about your brand – its style, benefits, personality, attributes, and even customer profile – accompanies your name in every magazine and newspaper article, broadcast report, and online feature that explains who you are and what you do. Your Glodow Nead team taps into its keen branding instinct and well-honed expertise to successfully brand your product or service, reaching key audiences and effectively connecting them with you.

Public Relations

Successful PR is successful story-telling. The media are always looking for good stories to share with the ultimate end users – the consumers. Glodow Nead creates stories that resonate with your audience’s lifestyle, spark their imaginations, and move them to action. That is why, all else aside, creative, energetic, but always strategic story-telling is the key measure of a PR company.

For brilliant stories to perform their magic, they must fall on receptive ears. Glodow Nead has the single most important “access code” necessary to capture those ears: credibility. A wide swath of lifestyle media – from business to fine dining, luxury travel to nuts-and-bolts bottom-line consumer affairs – rely on GNC for stories (including many that reach cover story status). GNC customizes stories to a particular writer, media outlet and audience segment. It is this track record that gives us access to the media necessary to reach those audiences with call-to-action coverage.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube – you want social media’s influence to work for your brand. GNC knows how to leverage social media and tap into your customer base, initiate an online dialogue, increase brand loyalty and create brand ambassadors. Count on GNC to strategize and create out-of-the-box, relevant and engaging social media campaigns that appeal to your target audience and, ultimately, drive your bottom line. Plus, you can bank on GNC’s strong relationships with niche bloggers. We treat them as press in order to generate similar results, so stories resonate with their personal networks of readers, fans and followers. Going one step further, we often position these influential members of the blogosphere as experts to national print and broadcast outlets.


From hotel opening parties attended by hundreds to intimate charity gatherings, GNC has broad experience planning, executing, facilitating and driving press to events. As a part of GNC’s capabilities, we are pleased to offer access to our exclusive database of more than 4,000 influencers via inclusion in weekly e-blasts publicizing client events and promotions locally, nationally and abroad.

Media Training

You can get the best out of every media opportunity when your spokesperson is well prepared. Glodow Nead works closely with you to ensure that the person delivering your news knows exactly what to say and how to say it effectively. GNC has former television and print journalists on its team and is equipped to provide high-caliber media training as needed.

Crisis Communications

From no-show lead singers to restaurant food poisonings to planning commission disasters. GNC takes every measure to foresee problems and forestall negative media coverage. Still, sometimes unexpected crises crop up in the ever-changing marketplace. Glodow Nead has gained extensive experience handling a broad range of difficult situations for our clients. Our counsel and key media contacts have proven to be highly effective in numerous instances in minimizing or totally sidestepping otherwise potentially negative coverage.