In an effort to give back to the communities and industries that built our business, Glodow Nead Communications is providing COVID-19 communications counsel at zero cost. In these challenging times, business owners may be struggling to develop an effective, strategic communications plan that can serve as a guide through the current turbulence and into the business recovery cycle. Let us discuss your business and strategize a path forward.
Now more than ever businesses are tasked with bolstering their brands and presence and maintaining relationships amid a rapidly changing landscape. As a trusted partner to lifestyle and hospitality companies for over two decades, Glodow Nead can brainstorm creative ideas with you and your team, help you navigate the message you want to deliver and the audience you want to reach.
Getting in touch for support – Please complete the form below or send an email to to start the conversation and one of our experienced associates will be in touch right away to coordinate a Zoom session to assess the situation, provide PR and social guidance, answer questions and brainstorm ideas.

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