Sharing One of the Best Kept Secrets for a Vacation Haven in The Philippines

Aqua Boracay

The Dare

One of the best, undiscovered destinations for a vacation retreat is the Boracay Island off the coast of the Philippines. The charge for Glodow Nead was to reveal to world travelers the well-kept secret of the island’s white sand beaches, pristine waters, and peaceful setting while introducing the new vacation homes at Aqua Boracay by yoo. Establishing Aqua Boracay by yoo as a top-of-mind choice in The Philippines for potential buyers from Singapore and Hong Kong was especially important.

The Scheme

Igniting interest early on in Aqua Boracay by yoo and positioning it as the ultimate luxury residence in the region was the key to driving awareness and eventual sales for what was to be the first branded residences on the island. Strategically unveiling Aqua Boracay by yoo’s impressive offerings and amenities to differentiate it as a vacation retreat was as important as leveraging destination elements that had already begun attracting visitors. Glodow Nead immediately came up with a series of media hooks and opportunities to generate consistent coverage of the development as it progressed, such as pre-announcing the launch of the apartments in Asia to select monthly and weekly publications, and tapping into the trend of Asian markets’ growing interest in resort-style residences located in spectacular destinations. The team also crafted lifestyle stories profiling Aqua Boracay by yoo’s designer and illustrating the dream for prospective home buyers with photo spreads featuring show homes, and further intensified the buzz by establishing partnerships and creating events.

The Upshot

The public relations campaign achieved a great deal of excitement for and interest in Aqua Boracay by yoo, enlisting media outlets such as Tatler Homes Singapore, South China Morning Post, Business Times Singapore, Prestige Hong Kong, Square Foot Hong Kong, Hong Kong Economic Times, Singtao Daily, Lifestyle Singapore, Expat Living, The Edge, Property Guru and many others to help share the secret.

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