Lifestyle PR that drives consumers to your brand

Reaching your customers with news about how your brand fits into their lifestyle. Inspiring them to become dedicated fans of who you are and what you do. But first, engaging an elite team of PR professionals that will ensure your success by delivering exceptional results.

Glodow Nead Communications is that team. A distinct choice for lifestyle publicity and public relations that ensures your customers see, hear, and experience the service or product you bring to the marketplace.

But what Glodow Nead does best goes far beyond getting your name out there in just any news story for a quick result. The best PR means that concrete messaging about your brand – its style, benefits, personality, attributes, and even customer profile – accompanies your name in every magazine and newspaper article, broadcast report, and online feature that explains who you are and what you do.

It’s this keen instinct for and well-honed expertise in branding that principals John Glodow and Jeff Nead have tapped into time and again in order to forge the San Francisco-based PR company’s remarkable evolution. Glodow Nead’s branding know-how ensures you reach your most important audiences, bringing your brand and potential customers together.

From a local and national music/entertainment PR agency when it began in 1973, to one that now brings its results-oriented, creative strategies to a prestigious mix of consumer and lifestyle brands it represents, Glodow Nead has earned a solid reputation as the go-to lifestyle PR firm.

Glodow Nead combines the best of small and large agency attributes: agility, accountability, availability, and hands-on involvement of top personnel combined with worldwide reach, experience, vision, and capabilities.
Food & Wine, Real Estate, Design, Hotel & Resort, Spa, Tech Style, Events, and Consumer Products. No matter the lifestyle property or endeavor, Glodow Nead Communications has proven its mettle with superior results, branding companies in a way that ultimately impacts the bottom line.

Reach, inspire, and engage with us.

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