Successful PR is successful story-telling. The media are always looking for good stories to share with the ultimate end users – the consumers. Glodow Nead creates stories that resonate with your audience’s lifestyle, spark their imaginations, and move them to action. That is why, all else aside, creative, energetic, but always strategic story-telling is the key measure of a PR company.

For brilliant stories to perform their magic, they must fall on receptive ears. Glodow Nead has the single most important “access code” necessary to capture those ears: credibility. A wide swath of lifestyle media – from business to fine dining, luxury travel to nuts-and-bolts bottom-line consumer affairs – rely on GNC for stories (including many that reach cover story status). GNC customizes stories to a particular writer, media outlet and audience segment. It is this track record that gives us access to the media necessary to reach those audiences with call-to-action coverage.